Analog – Digital – SIP. Standalone office or a group of branches. All companies need a PBX with different requirements for each one. The necessity of the PBX is common for everyone. All the extras make the difference. Starting with a full analysis of your needs we design the system that will help you every day to your communications on the one hand and save you money on the other hand.

Business Telephony Systems

We are a provider of Business Telephony Systems. Our Telephony Systems use the latest technologies in the field to provide you a customized and scalable telecommunications solution. Even if you are a small business or a large corporation our telephony systems can scale up to the challenge. Also with our Telephony Systems you can really connect your telecommunications to the internet due to the latest IP related protocols used. In this way you can really use the telephony system for multiple tasks that incorporate the latest of technology. Also the modular nature of our Telephony Systems can really expand your capabilities.

  • VoIP. Using the latest IP related technologies you can really liberate your communications.
  • Modular. Expanding the telephony system with modules like voice mail, call center, wireless system etc, can really liberate your communications.
  • Cost-Effective. Due to the use of the latest IP related technologies you can really cut costs in terms of your intercommunications.