Information Technology

Information Technology is the King. Nowadays everything connects to each other through several networking protocols. In Spectrum we design, develop and after sales support your infrastructure whether you are a big organization or a small standalone shop.

We combine all available technologies to produce and deliver the best quality of service. We support your procedures in an electronic way in order to gain time and money in different ways. Our services are divided in two different paths, Support and IT Administration Outsourcing. Whether you need us to support or to administer your systems we have the expertise to successfully meet your requirements.

IT Outsource and Support

Wherever you own a small company with a simple computer network or a large corporation with a very complex computer network you need IT Engineers to implement and support your systems. Why have a costly internal IT Department and not outsource those services. Spectrum LTD has the expertise and the resources to outsource your IT Department to us.

We provide seamlessly IT Services and Support to companies and organizations in Cyprus. We respect customers needs for undisturbed workflow and quality support on their IT Systems. We have the procedures and the resources to guarantee the smooth work of any size computer's network. We also provide the Administration of the computer network and consulting for the well-being of the IT infrastructure.

  • Reliability and Quality of Service. In Spectrum LTD we have the procedures and resources in place, for you to feel safe regarding your IT Systems.
  • Cost-Effective. With IT Outsourcing not only you limit your costs to the minimum in a direct manner but also costs are minimising in the long run.
  • Value-Effective. Due to our market-forged knowledge with provide systems that can really respect workflows and increase the value of your time.