Cloud Backup

With Backup Complete Solution you can backup any OS, Application and Database to any space like cloud or a local disk

  • The absolute backup suite for cloud and local backup.
  • Maintenance free approach.
  • Multiple backup sets according to your needs.
  • Instant restore in case of data loss.
  • Scalable storage according to the needs.

Are you interested in Backup Complete?


We the use of the unbreakable AES-256 encryption protocol you data is safe and secure on our servers. The encryption happens while data is being transferred but also the data are encrypted at their location


With the Backup Complete solution you can backup any Windows Machine, any Linux machine and Virtual Machines created by VMWare or HyperV. Also there is the built-in functionality to backup Applications and Databases, like Exchange, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle etc.

Advanced Features

Features like delta incremental/differential backup, Continuous Data Protection for VM's and databases, CRC error control and multithreading speed boost makes the Backup Complete an enterprise level solution. Multiple backup sets and in an instant backup restoration completes the package.

Ease of Use

Using only one backup client across multiple OS's, Databases and Applications and also the ability to store data in multiple locations makes the Backup Complete Solution easy to use and administer.